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The theatre figures

  • 2 guest houses for the artists and the professional workers
  • 5 dressing rooms for the artists
  • 6, the number of Celsa street where the Central Theatre lies, in the very centre of Rome
  • 10 different activities present within this space
  • 20 square meters, the size of the central led wall
  • 24-hour web broadcasting a day
  • 60 square meters, the size of the stage
  • 250 seats the location can accommodate in a single hall
  • 450 creative companies cooperating for this project
  • 600 artists involved for one year
  • 1,350 square meters offered on the whole
  • 1900 the opening year of the Central Theatre of Rome
  • 15,000 garments and musical tools can be purchased in a year
  • 60,000 tickets on sale disposal in a year
  • 250,000 the estimate of the location goers in a year
  • 5,000,000 the contacts that will be reached in a year from the communication